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Ultimate Puppy Class Options

Ultimate Puppy Class Options

Are you struggling with puppy behavior like biting, nipping or housetraining? 

Our unique puppy program holds all of the secrets to calming the chaos and turning your new family member into the Ultimate Puppy.  We offer a variety of puppy training packages that deal with other common puppy problems like:

  • Grabbing your clothing
  • Excessive mouthy behavior
  • Chewing everything!
  • Running away from you or not coming to you when you call
  • Jumping on you or your guests

If you want to start your puppy off right – and help him grow into the dog you want him to be – check out my packages to see which is right for you.

Other Questions? Please call us at 413-527-7364.


Our ability to take classes at It’s PAWSible! was a big factor for my husband and I when we decided to add a third dog to our family. We decided we could do it! Read More

Summit is a 4-month-old German Shorthaired Pointer. We already have two awesome 8-year-old dogs who started in puppy class at It’s PAWSible! and have continued taking agility classes weekly at It’s PAWSible! They also are competing whenever possible in agility!

Beth teaches that every experience a puppy has can be positive and rewarding, whether going to the groomers, the vet’s office or for a walk. Her training focuses on what we are doing and saying which has an overall effect on Summit’s behavior which is extremely helpful. It really is about training the people!

Beth emphasizes having fun when working with your dog and it has been a great time for us to spend together. Summit is learning important skills like “sit”, “down”, “stay” and come when called. It is comforting to know that we can drop something on the floor and not have to race him to it because he now knows “leave it”. Her facility is fantastic and class provides a safe, supervised environment to socialize Summit on how to meet, play and be around other puppies and people.

Thank you It’s PAWSible!

Dawn, Greg, and Summit

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Our Unique Ultimate Puppy Class

Our Unique Ultimate Puppy Class

What:  Ultimate Puppy Class + Sprial Bound Puppy Booklet + Hybrid Online Class
Who:  Puppies 8 weeks to 16 weeks old at 1st week of class
When:  Once a week for six weeks (LIVE here at the Training Center)
Plus:   Online video support for 10 weeks
Instructor:  Beth Ostrowski-Parks, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA
Fee:    $385. (live class 6 weeks + hybrid online course with videos)

What makes this class unique? 
This course is now hybrid!  You have a live course here at It's PAWSible! AND an online course to follow along with if you would like. 

Next Start date:

Late Summer/Early Fall

If you have a new puppy you are welcome in the Basic Manner Course.  I have had many people with new puppies take this class with great success.  Check it out here.

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Ultimate Puppy Private Lesson and Consultation

Ultimate Puppy Private Lesson and Consultation

What: 90 minute Puppy Consultation + Sprial Bound Puppy Booklet
Access to our Basic Manners Online Course ($119.00 value)
Who: Puppies 8 weeks to 9 months old
Instructor:  Beth Ostrowski-Parks, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA
When:  Book online or give us a call
Fee:  $365.00

If you are interested in getting started now but cannot find a class starting soon enough, this is a great option to get you, your family and your puppy started off right! This can be part of a package, too.

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The Focused Puppy Package

The Focused Puppy Package

What:  Ultimate Puppy Class + Puppy Consultation + Sprial Bound Puppy Booklet + Hybrid Online Puppy Class
Who:  Puppies 8 weeks to 16 weeks old at 1st week of class
When:  Once a week for six weeks (LIVE here at the Training Center)
Plus:   Online video support for 10 weeks
Instructor:  Beth Ostrowski-Parks, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA
Fee:    $595.00 includes your consultation, your live 6 week class and your online hybrid class with videos

Group Classes are Fridays @ 4:00 p.m.

 Next class starts:

Late Summer/Early Fall

If you have a new puppy you are welcome in the Basic Manner Course.  I have had many people with new puppies take this class with great success.  Check it out here.

Your consultation will be arranged with you over the phone.  This package will include your group class and your consultation.

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The Dream Puppy Package!

The Dream Puppy Package!

Our Most Popular Package:
What:   Private Puppy Consultation + Ultimate Puppy Class + Basic Manners Class + Basic Manners Online Course
Who:  Puppies 8 to 16 weeks old at start of class
When:  Group Class meets
Once a week for six weeks
*Ultimate Puppy Class (select date below)
*Basic Manners class also meets for 6 weeks (select later)
A total of 12 weeks of live training PLUS your Private Training Session!
*Consultation scheduled at your convenience
Beth Ostrowski-Parks, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA
Fee for all of above:    $945.
(save 10% off individual pricing)

Puppy Classes are Fridays @ 4:00 p.m.
Next Start Date:

Friday, June 14 @ 4:00 p.m.

We will arrange your consultation and your Basic Manners Class over the phone!

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    Please Read these Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions for Group Classes

    • How is It's PAWSible! protecting students from COVID19?

      Such a challenging world we live in! 
      At It's PAWSible!, we have been committed to providing the safest community for our clients to come and train their dogs. Thankfully we have come a long way in this journey with the pandemic.   You are always welcome to wear masks but masks are not required at this time!

      Additionally,  my training center is 5000 square feet of open space so social distancing is not a problem.  We still have hand sanitizing stations in multiple locations.

    • I'm planning on attending an Ultimate Puppy Class with my puppy. What vaccinations are required?

      At It's PAWSible!, I require at least one set of shots.  Often, by the time puppies start class, they usually have had two rounds of vaccinations.   I also require that a puppy is home (either from a shelter or from the breeder) at least 1 week  before starting the Ultimate Puppy Class.

      Are you worried about vaccinations and how many puppies really need to start their training? Please check out the Puppy Socializations Position Statement by the AVSAB (American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior on the importantance of early socialization and how a puppy has more likelihood of developing a behavior problem from lack of socialization than he or she has the liklihood of contracting a disease.

      For this reason, as a trainer and behavior consultant who is constantly studying training and behavior in dogs and puppies, I only require that first   set of shots.  Hopefully after reading the above position statement you will agree. 

      Ultimately the decision as to when YOU start classes is yours, not your Veterinarian and not me.   I will only say that in 25 years of teaching puppy classes, I have NEVER had any puppy get ill.  That's thousands of puppies!

    • Do you use clickers?

      In our Beginner classes (Ultimate Puppy and Basic Manners) we do not use clickers to teach.  I am not opposed to clickers at all, in fact I see a great value in them.   I just feel that many novice dog owners don't want the hassle of one more thing to think about.  If you are clicker savvy and want to use your clicker, I have no problem with that. 

      If you ever want to learn how to effectively use a clicker, we can do a private lesson.   Just understand, you do not need a clicker to effectively train a dog.   We've been teaching here for 25 plus years with lots of successful students without using clickers.

      Keep in mind the trainers here are all very famililar with clicker training and love it, we are just trying to encourage people to train the way they are most comfortable as long as it is positive reinforcement training.   

    • What makes It's PAWSible! different than any other dog training center?

       We would love to tell you.  Here are the four main reasons that you should choose It's PAWSible!

      1)  All three of our Pet Dog trainers that teach the Basic Manners and the Ultimate Puppy Classes are Nationally Certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT).  We attain the CPDT-KA Credentials through a very extensive exam that is offered only twice a year.  The test is no joke, it's very difficult as the council wants to be sure that we know what we are doing and also that we understand the science of animal learning.  I am also certified through the same council as a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant (CBCC-KA).  Again these credentials took a lot of study to attain.  We all have to take continuing education courses if we want to keep these credentials, too.

      2)  Both our puppy training classes and our basic manners classes have a unique online course that you can use to watch videos and keep up with the live classes.  Our classes have been running this way for the last two years and our students love being able to log in and watch class videos.

      3)  The training center was built for dog training.  Our 5000 square foot training center is clean, beautiful and when you walk in, you would never know it's 20 plus years old.  You will not even smell a trace of dog smells here.  That takes effort and we put it forth.  Our center is heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer.

      4)  Probably the most important:  The training you will receive is the best.  I, and my assistants, put everything into our training.  We will teach you as much as you want to learn!

      We care deeply about your success and we are here for you for as much information as you want.  You won't just learn sit, down, stay and the basics.  You will learn how to handle true life issues and concerns.  We understand that the best method of advertisement is to have a great reputation and we know we do.  But we are aware we have to not only earn that, but keep that too!

      As the owner of this business answering these questions, you can see I'm very proud of what we have accomplished here.  I hope I've convinced you which is most important.

    • When do classes meet?

      Here is a direct link to our training schedule page. We have many options. We also have some great training package specials that will save you a little money! The dates listed are START DATES. If you choose a particular start date then that is the time your class meets each week. Both the Ultimate Puppy Class and Basic Manners classes are six weeks long. 

    • What is the training method at It’s PAWSible?

      At It’s PAWSible! I use a method called Lure-reward. It is a method that I’ve been using for 25 years and it works really well. All of the instructors have been trained by me so we are all very consistent. The basic idea is to teach behaviors using a lure (treat). This then becomes a hand signal and the treat is “faded”. To see how lures quickly become hand signals, check out  this great video of our one of our trainers demonstrates the technique. The treat then becomes a reward and over time you reward randomly depending on what exercise you are doing. Some rewards can be faded quicker than others. I reward the recall ( “coming when called”) for a long time, if not forever! This skill is the most important "command" we can teach our dogs and sometimes it's the most difficult one for your dog to do.   We need to make this one worth your dog's effort!  

    • Who in my family can come to class?

      We have a 5000 square foot facility that we planned and had built for the purpose of training dogs. We have plenty of room. Before the pandemic, I would encourage large families to come but now I limit the human participation to 2. It's important to understand that your dog doesn't learn here, he learns at home with your family. 

      To help with this, we have two options for an extra helpful training tool.  We have the It's PAWSible! Dog Training DVD that I wrote and produced that has over 3 hours of information on it.  It makes a great tool to help families be consistent.  

      In 2020, I introduced my Online Basic Manners course.    This version also has so much available to you by way of video instruction and PDF files that you can print.  Either of these can be purchased on line or by a simple phone call! 

      But having a tool like this is great for family members to help keep everyone doing the same thing.

      I am always available for private lessons.

    • Can my children come to class?

      If you do bring children to class, please be aware that we are expecting you to have full responsibility for them and that if there is a problem with being able to control children, we will ask you to make other arrangements for the rest of session.   

      One point I like to make when people call about bringing children is:  You came here to learn and you get one hour a week in your live class.  If a child attends with you, will you be able to fully concentrate to get as much out of this course as possible? 

      It's also important to realize that this is a GROUP class so there are other people there without children and they deserve the same amount of attention as you do.  For that reason, I have to be sure that adults realize the responsbility that they have when they bring young children to class.

      Thank you for your understanding.   

    • How many dogs will be in the class?

      My puppy and basic manners class sizes to have a 10 dog limit.  For Beginner Agility classes, 6 to 8 dogs and my advanced agility classes on Thursdays and Fridiays are limited to 5 to 6 dogs.  Each class can have a maximum of 2 humans attending.  Most classes have only one handler attending.

    • What if I think my dog is not quite ready for a group class?

      If you think your dog may not be ready, it’s a good sign that perhaps he or she is not. 

      Quite often, dogs new to families (rescue or shelter dogs) or adolescent dogs who have seemingly suddenly become "out of control", need a consultation before they come to a group class.  This is for safety reasons but also to help you and your dog be set up for success.   This would be in the form of a behavioral consultation.  

      If you want schedule a behavioral consultation which is 90 minutes, we can do that.  I would praise your intuitions and let you know right now, that you are making the right choice!   By working one on one first, we can work directly on your issues and concerns about your dog.  Your dog also gets to be in the training center without the pressure of other dogs or people. 

      We appreciate your honesty.

    • I have a vacation planned right in the middle of the group class I'm looing at and I'm going to miss a week, are there any make ups?

      There are no make ups for missed classes.  However, people miss classes all the time.  Life is very busy and also unexplained colds and sickness can sometimes cause someone to miss a class.  We will do everything in our power to make sure you are caught up.  PLUS!, you have the hybrid portion of your class now where you can watch your videos and stay ahead or catch up with the class.

      Please don't let a vacation cause you to put off training.  Your dog is learning  all the time and you want to try and control what he learns.   The goal is to have him learn only the behaviors you want!  Good dog training information will help you to attain that goal.

    • What are the best treats for class?

      GREAT QUESTION!    This is very important. Your dog could love dog biscuits at home. He could love dog treats at home or his kibble. But when you take your dog into a very distracting atmosphere, which is what a dog training class is, you need something that will get his attention. We sell many healthy soft training treats at It’s PAWSible! but what I recommend that you bring is cut up real meat (any leftovers are fine). You can also buy cooked chicken strips or even beef strips at any grocery store. Get creative! Turkey meatballs, leftover meatloaf!  String cheese is one of my dog's favorites and it's so easy to work with (and inexpensive).

      If your dog never gets anything but kibble and dog cookies and you want to try good healthy soft dog treats, we have plenty available for sale!

    • I have a young puppy—I see that they are welcome in either Ultimate Puppy or Basic Manners. What is the difference and which should I choose?
      Here is my best answer: 

      We get this question a lot.  If your puppy is 8 to 16 weeks of age, you can sign up for the Ultimate Puppy Class.  If he is older then you would take the Basic Manners Class. 

      However, the Basic Manners class is for puppies and dogs of all ages so if you cannot do (Tuesdays at 7:15 p.m.)  than a Basic Manners class will work out great for you as well.  Your puppy at 8 to 16 weeks of age can learn EVERYTHING an adult dog can learn.   So, If our Ultimate Puppy Schedule works best in your schedule, I would enroll in that class.   If not, take the Basic Manners class (Tuesdays @ 5:45 p.m.).  You will see dogs of all ages in that class.
      Additionally, if you sign up for the Basic Manners class and I can see that you have a young puppy, I'll send you a PDF of my Ultimate Puppy Class booklet which will be very helpful for you!
      If you cannot make the Ultimate Puppy Class, the Basic Manners is fine.  This class will have puppies and dogs of all ages.  There may even be some puppies that have just graduated from our Ultimate Puppy Class.  No matter what class you choose, your puppy is ready to learn now!  In fact he is always learning whether you are intentionally training him or not.   
      Bottom line:  Sign up for what works best in yor schedule!