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C-ATCH Undermountain's Kaikala Jane, Kaikala
AKC Agility:   MXP3, MX2
CPE Agility:  C-ATCH Championship
Born April 12, 2011
Kaikala, aka:
Bird, Kali, J
-Bird, Kala, and so many more...


Kala is my 8 year old Doberman.  I acquired Kala and Grin (my 4 year old Aussie) at the same time.  They were born 4 days apart.

Having two puppies growing up in the house at the same time was challenging, but it was enjoyable and I was afforded the knowledge of how to bring them up so that they wouldn't be overly bonded to each other.  Although I wanted them to love each other, I still
wanted them to want to be with me more than just each other.
All though I have accomplished that, it's interesting to see their relationship as they do have a bond with each other that I've not been able to see in two dogs in our house.

It's a lot of fun and they both make us laugh which is important!
Kala is beautiful, smart and loves to work with me in agility.  She is my favorite to run and practice with!  She is quiet but driven. 
All my other dogs are driven but noisy!  I love them but it's nice to have a quiet girl!

Another special "thing" about Kala is she is fortunate to have a tail!  I was able to select a breeder and select a puppy before the tails were docked on the litter.  That happens when the puppies are two days old and this breeder was willing to do this for me! 
 Now that I have a Doberman with a tail, I'm so sad that t
his important body part is removed from any dog. I wish Shumai still had his tail!

Natural ears on a Doberman are being seen more and more, but you almost never see a tail.  Because of this, Kala gets a lot of attention at dog shows.











Video of Kala's Mom and her babies - Kala is the only one with a tail! 


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