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Private Training

Private Training

Group training isn't for everyone.

If group classes won’t work with your lifestyle or schedule, or you feel you only need help with a specific behavior, private training may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Are you an individual who:

  • Prefers focused, one-on-one instruction
  • Does better in a quiet setting (you or your dog)
  • Can’t commit to a regular class every week
  • Has a dog who is uncomfortable with other dogs (or people)
  • Just needs a few tips to get back on course
  • Needs real solutions right now

The below options are how we might begin your journey at It's PAWSible!  Where we go from here could be more private lessons, online course or a group class.


My husband and I brought Gunnar home when he was 8 weeks old prior to my husband’s deployment. He was the first dog we owned as adults. At his first vet visit, we were advised to get him into training right away because he was already showing aggressive behavior. Read More

After 3 months of basic puppy training classes at two different facilities his behavior was worse. He was biting us and visitors that came to our home, as well as chewing the walls, furniture, and eating anything he could fit into his mouth. He would growl and bite when I would put his collar or harness on him. He would jump on people and bite them on their arms and torso, and would bite people trying to take objects from him. During an emergency visit to the vet after he ate a kitchen sponge, he tried biting the emergency vet and staff. I knew I needed much more help or I was going to lose my dog or be sued if he injured someone.

After searching extensively online, I found Beth at It’s PAWSible! She listened to me and developed a plan to help not just my dog, but also help me become a more confident and capable owner. She was very understanding and patient and went out of her way to assist my family beyond just the lessons. She consulted our vet, recommended everything from a change in diet to books to read and videos to watch that helped me understand canine behavior and offered more in depth training in both one to one and small group classes.

We started with Gunnar in October of 2018 with a behavior consultation and we’ve been attending group classes since then!

Now Gunnar is attending weekly dog agility classes at It’s PAWSible! and he is a happy, healthy, and friendly dog. I’m proud to say he loves meeting new people and is eager to learn. Thank you so much for everything Beth!

Courtney, Chris and Gunnar

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