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Our Staff

Our Staff

Meet our Staff

Trainers:   Beth, Sheila and Pam

Beth Ostrowski Parks

(has successfully worked with thousands of dogs and their people since 1994!)
Nationally Certified--Professional Dog Trainer, CPDT-KA (since (since 2012)
State of Ct -- Certified Professional Dog Trainer (since 1994)
Member -- Association of Pet Dog Trainers (since 1999)
Member --Pet Professional Guild (dedicated to force-free training) (since 2014)

Supporting Member International Association of Animal Behavior Consulting (IAABC) (since 2017)

The Founder and President of It's PAWSible! Dog Training Center and Day Camp.  I have been involved in dog training since 1993. I specialize in training groups of people with puppies or adult dogs. My clients are looking to build a special bond with their best friend. I also do one -on-one consultations with people and their dogs who are having trouble with aggression, fear, separation anxiety or other behavior problems. My passion is also helping people train their "shelter" dogs who were adopted from shelters or other homes where they were neglected or abused. I am an advocate of rescuing animals and did my own Greyhound rescue for several years.

Although I am busy and fulfilled with the business, I am always striving to learn more about dogs and consistently study new ways to teach gentle, but effective dog training to my clients.  One thing that I learned a long time ago is that there are many ways to teach or get in touch with a dog's mind.  I just love what I do because no two days are the same!

Working in Day Camp with my staff and with the dogs just continues to educate me, there's always more to learn!

With any extra time I have, I compete in agility with my two seven year old dogs,  Grin (Australian Shepherd) and Kaikala aka: Birdie (Doberman Pinscher).  I'm also actively competing with my male Australian Shepherd Ninja.  All of my dogs are in the masters level in AKC and level 5 CPE. Previously I trained and competed with  four awesome dogs who have crossed over the bridge.  My memories and time with them is so precious. They were CATCH2  Shumai MX, MXJ, RA, CGC who passed at the age of 7.  Then MACH, C-ATE, CATCH2  Phlip CD, RE, CGC recently passed at the age of 13.5.  I also had two other amazing Dobermans Makana (my first agility dog and Treasure both earned many titles in AKC and NADAC agility.   So many great dogs and great memories...

However, what I love most about living with my dogs is to go hiking with them as often as possible. I learn a lot from watching them and being with them.  I try to never take them for granted. 

What I love most about my work is to watch owners who have what they consider a "problem" dog, learn how to communicate effectively.   They can then learn to work together to form a common bond. I've seen great things that my clients call miracles happen here at It's PAWSible!

Wayne Parks

Wayne got involved with dogs when Beth did. At the time it was simply by default, but he has grown to love the business and is big participant in lots of behind the scenes work at It's PAWSible!. Frequently he is in the office answering the phone, making appointments or signing up people for classes. He also takes care of the entire physical area of It's PAWSible! including the building, the day camp area and of course our 24 acres of land.

I refer to it as "Wayne Park".  It's always looks so beautiful here with the gardens and lush landscaping.

Wayne's newest venture is firewood sales and jam making from our own grown raspberries and blue berries!

Wayne  is a very busy man! In his rare spare time he enjoys powerlifting and martial arts. In 2004 he earned his Black Belt in Uechi Ryu Karate.  In 2007, he traveled to Texas and earned his second degree Black Belt!


Pam Lohr

Certfied Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA)
Wag It Games Certified Instructor

I've been with It’s PAWSible! since 2007. I began as a client with a new puppy and was soon asked to apprentice and later to become a trainer. During this time I learned a lot about positive training techniques at It’s PAWSible!  and the importance of establishing an enjoyable and respectful connection with dogs and their people.  Having had dogs throughout my life, I admit  that I cannot imagine ever living a dog-free life.

Currently I share my home with three dogs, a beutiful rescue Cattle Dog Mix, Luca, a Miniature Australian Shepherd named who I named Felix  dog I adopted from a client who couldn't keep him anymore.  More recently I adopted and extremely shy and timid 3 year old Cattle Dog that had just had one of several litters of puppies.  She has a nice quite and safe home with me now.  I have  a cat, Smeagol.  I also share my home with a variety of other small animals and a patient husband.

Previoiusly I was a volunteer puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence (CCI),a nationwide, non-profit organization that provides assistant dogs to people with disabilities.  As a volunteer, I would train, socialize and care for one puppy at a time for the first 18 months of his or her life, after which the puppy would return to CCI for advanced training and hopefully placement with a person in need of a service dog.

I have raised three puppies for CCI. Two have gone on to be matched with wonderful people and are currently service dogs.

One of the things I am grateful for is that the CCI puppies came with a “rule book” which included a stipulation that all puppies must be enrolled in training classes. Previous house pets were trained “well enough,” but never more than that. Now, having found that continued training results in a much more dependable dog and a greatly enhanced relationship between dog and owner, I am committed to increasing my skills as both a trainer and as an instructor. I not only love the challenge of learning, but also the opportunity to help others find that special connection to their dogs.

Sheila Schmitt

Dog Training Assistant and Agility Instructor

My love for dogs began when I was about 6 years old with our first family pet, a Dalmatian I named Spot. Since then I always knew I wanted dogs in my life. When I finally acquired my own dog, Maya, I had learned about It's PAWSible!. I started bringing her to day camp in early 2009 and thought about how much I would like to be the one taking care of and playing with the dogs. I inquired about a job in October of 2009 started working at It's PAWSible! Day Camp.  I worked part- time there until early 2012.  

I currently have 2 cats and 2 chihuahua mixes, Maya.   Maya showed up at my house in October of 2008 at 4 months old. I was totally unprepared to have a dog but nobody claimed her and of course I fell in love. I somehow made it work and with help from It's PAWSible! she turned out to really be a great dog. We went through a series of classes and have been taking agility classes for over a year now and loving it. We have been competing in CPE trials, when we are able to, and doing well.
My newest dog is Tika, another chihuahua, terrier mix.  I literally adopted her from a woman who had Tika in a shopping cart where I work.  Tika has been with me since she was 6 months old.  She need a lot of socialiation.  Now she is getting ready to compete in Agility!

I enjoy assisting Beth and Pam in Manners classes and in agility classes.   Also, my hobby of competing in agility trials continues.  Beth and I have a lot of fun doing that together.


My name is Katie and I started working at It’s PAWSible! in March 2017. 

I have always had a passion for all animals. I had a dog named Friendship.   She lived 17 years and my family and I still miss her dearly.

I currently have two crazy kitties, Fireball and Tank. I am very excited for the day that I am no longer living in an apartment so that I can get a dog of my own.

Before working at It’s PAWSible!, I was an EMT for 3 years.  I felt I needed to take a break from the heartache that can come with that job. This job makes me excited to come in every day. It really makes me mindful and I enjoy every second I get to interact with the dogs.


Day Camp Play Supervisor

My name is Ashley and I started working at It’s PAWSible! in November 2017.

I’ve always loved animals since I was little. I was raised around all types of animals like dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, goats and chickens. My most recent dog Sadie passed back in January 2017, she was a great dog and I miss her a lot. I’m hoping to get another pup soon. I currently have a cat named Cherokee that I found in my woods when she was a kitten.

Working with animals has been a long time dream of mine and I got my first chance to be around them in the veterinary field when I started going to school for veterinary assisting. I completed a 90 hr internship at an animal hospital in East Longmeadow and graduated from my program back in October 2017. I loved helping the sick and well animals that came into the hospital while I was interning but at the same time it was hard seeing some of the things they went through. That’s why I’m very happy I ended up with a job at It’s PAWSible! No matter what mood I’m in when I come to work, the dogs always make it better. I adore being around them so much because they just bring such a good energy and brighten up the day.


My name is Ashley and I started working at It’s PAWSible! in August 2018.

There hasn’t really been a time in my life when I didn’t have a dog. When I was younger my family had three Rottweilers named Sasha, Bronx, and Trouble. They were the sweetest dogs I have ever met and I miss them all so much. After they passed, we got a small dog named Hope and she has been in our family until just recently when she passed away. I currently don’t have a dog, but I can’t wait to get another soon.

I am currently working two jobs, here at It’s PAWSible! and a local bakery.  The jobs are very different, but I love them both for different reasons. Working here with the dogs can turn your day around just by walking in the front door. The dogs are all so loving and playful. There is never a dull moment working here! I never thought I would love a job this much but I  look forward to coming in and being greeted by the dogs everyday! I am so glad I am now a part of the It’s PAWSible! family! 


My name is Crysta and I started working at It’s PAWSible! in August 2018

My love for dogs started very young when I decided in 1st grade I wanted to be a vet. Although I ended up taking a different path my love for animals stays the same. My family has 4 lovely dogs of all different shapes and sizes, Colby, Zoe, Monty, and Wyatt! I also have a dog-like, 10 year old cat named Perchik.

I have always loved animals of every kind, but when I was younger lived in a place where we weren’t allowed to have pets. When I was about 8 my mom and I started volunteering at Service Dog Project, which raises Great Danes as service animals. From there I knew that I wanted to work with animals. Since then my mom has also become a foster parent for rescue programs across the U.S., looking to house homeless dogs until they can be adopted. I help her with these foster dogs whenever I get the chance! 

I love my job at It’s PAWSible, and the opportunities it brings me. It brings me so much joy, and I really look forward to being at work each day. I love getting excited to see the daycamp crew for the day, and having those pups be just as thrilled to see me!