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4-15-2007 - 12-21-2014

My heart dog who I called "my baby boy, Shumai" passed away suddenly on December 21 of last year.  I'm still devastated by that loss and will aways be.
I can barely write about it. 
But, when I lost my Doberman, Treasure, I was not sure I could get
another Doberman because it was so tough to lose him too (He died when he was six).   

Shumai was a stunning, healthy, happy, and sometimes challenging boy.   I ended up taking a him home just a few months after I lost Treasure. I was put in touch with a  breeder who breeds for health and temperament only. Shumai’s great grandparents, at the time, were still doing competition work in Europe and the United States even though they were senior dogs.
He was a beautiful boy who made me laugh every day! He had such a comedic sense of humor! He was smart, playful and had a great future ahead of him.

Where did I get his name? Well, shumai is an appetizer available at Japanese restaurants. I’m a huge sushi fan and so although shumai is not actually sushi,  it’s close.   I just thought it had a nice ring to it and he loved his name too.

Shumai was  very active, and just as all puppies are different, he had taught me even more lessons on bringing up a dog.

Shumai’s big challenge as a puppy was CRATE TRAINING! Even though I started him in the crate at 7 weeks old, he really struggled for MONTHS! Talk about having to “hang in there”! He was tough!
He was just my best dog ever...taking nothing away from any of my fabulous dogs. When this boy passed in my arms on December 21, it left a giant hole in my heart that I know will NEVER be filled.

On July 4, 2008, Shumai finished is Rally Novice title.  At the Thanksgiving Cluster in 2008, Shumai earned his Rally Advanced title.  We started competing in agility soon after and he was so much fun.  He had a lot of fans due to his amazing weave poles.  Every run was a thrill and I tried to appreciate every moment with this boy.  To say I loved him, is such an understatement.

Here are two of my favorite Agility runs that I have on video.  I've watched them so many times!  Grateful to have them...



To read more about Shumai's accomplishments in his very short life, please go to his agility/rally o page.