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We brought home our Australian Shepherd Phlip (Flip) in February of 2003. She was born on November 20, 2002.

She was a puppy that was really challenging and she would have ruled the roost if she could have the chance. However, she has turned into a beautiful, obedient little girl.

I use Phlip often in my training classes as a demonstration dog. I think she knows that she is on stage and showing off her skills as a well-behaved pet dog.

What I love the most about Phlip is her loyalty. She would do anything for me. She is so happy when I select her to "work" or play. She thinks it's her job to watch over me in the house, too. She always positions herself in such a way that she can keep an eye on me and what I'm doing.

She is also a great worker on the agility course. She is currently very close to her AKC Agility Championship (hopefully in 2011) and she holds many Elite titles in NADAC.  She also has two C-ATCH titles in CPE and is very close to earning her CATE (also, hopefully 2011)   She also earned a CD (Companion Dog) title in AKC Obedience and she has her RE (Rally Excellent) Title in AKC Rally O.   You can read more about Phlip’s competition life here.


She is pretty happy to do what the day calls for but she is always ready for more!

One great stress reliever for me is to spend time grooming Phlip. She loves to be combed, brushed and primped to perfection! She is a very proud little girl.

In her mind, her most important job is to keep a close eye on her   Doberman brother Shumai!  When we lost Treasure and then Makana it was hard for her.  Phlip loves her family!