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MACh, CATCH Paradox Educated Guess, Grin
AKC Masters Agility Champion, CPE Agility Champion!
My 7 year old Australian Shepherd
Born April 8, 2011

Grin sits on the tableWe acquired Grin when she was about 7 weeks old.  She was and is the cutest Aussie!

Grin and Kaikala (aka, Kala, aka Bird) my 5year old Doberman are 4 days apart and we got them at the same time.

Grin has to be my most favorite agility dog to compete with.  She is my fifth dog in training so I hope I've learned some things!  She's really noisy when she runs but she is very happy to do as I ask.  She's extremely fast so I'm very glad that she has great impulse control as she makes competing in agility even more fun because she is very reliable.

I also use Grin a lot for my demo dog in classes.  She's great because although she is very well trained, she is also super enthusiastic because of this, she sometimes   makes mistakes in her demos.  But these mistakes help me to show my students how a dog doesn't have to be perfect to be well trained.  

Also, Grin's great attitude helps to show my clients that training done right doesn't ruin a dog's enthusiasm or personality.  In fact, training enhances it.  My clients get to see that Grin's great enthusiasm for life!

I plan on training Grin in agility for as long as we can.  I know she will go far as long as I have the time to compete with her.

I also hope to earn a Companion Dog (CD) title on her and later I may do some Rally.

For now, she is part of my great pack and we all love her; both the two-leggers and the four-leggers.




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