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It's PAWSible! Mission Statement

It's PAWSible! Mission Statement

Our Promises to You

It’s PAWSible!’s Mission is to treat each student (human and canine) with mutual respect. We also want to provide the education each person would like for their dog. With our training philosophy in mind, we promise to treat each owner and dog with gentle, but effective methods to train specific behaviors. We also wish to spread a general understanding to the public about how a dog thinks. This helps training become easy for the human and, in effect, helps make training easy for each dog to learn. Our hope is to help make each dog a welcome member of the family and the community.

We promise:

  1. To treat each person we teach with respect
  2. To treat each dog we train with respect
  3. That every class will be motivating and educational
  4. That every class will be enjoyable
  5. That we will be honest and ethical in all of our business practices
  6. That each instructor at It’s PAWSible! is qualified and is committed to training with the methods that are being taught at It’s PAWSible!
  7. That you will learn effective dog training methods to help make your dog a welcome member of the family
  8. To continue to demonstrate our appreciation and respect towards any of your friends or family that you might send to us.
  9. To provide a quick response to any questions you have or to tell you how else you may benefit from programs offered by us.
  10. To exceed your expectations in how we treat you and your dog.