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Behavior Consultation

Behavior Consultation

Life with your dog should be happy, carefree and fun. 
No one gets a dog to make their lives more difficult.  If you feel overwhelmed by your dog's behavior, relax.  Beth can help!

Does your dog:

  • Overreact when he sees other dogs  separation anxiety
  • Have a lot of fear of new people or things
  • Seem to have separation anxiety 
  • Show aggression around territory or posessions

Or do you have less intense problems that you need help with such as:

  • House training for your dog or puppy
  • Learning how to re-direct chewing behaviors
  • "Over-the-top" greeting behavior towards family and friends

If your dog's behavior makes you uncomfortable and you want consistent professional help, consider a Private Behavior Consultation with Beth Ostrowski-Parks, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA. 

This is what you get when you sign up for your consultation:

1) An intensive 90 minute meeting with Beth, a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant.  As soon as you book this meeting, you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire about the problems you are having with your dog.    At your appointment, Beth will discuss how you and your dog will be helped based on her knowledge and experience with thousands of dogs.  You will walk away feeling so much more confident about what is going on and what to expect!  

2)  Depending on the age of your puppy or dog, you will receive a copy of our Puppy and Dog Training Booklet or our Ultimate Puppy Class booklet.  Both are full of information to help you gain control around your home. Training is a 24/7 operation.  

3)  NEW FEATURE:  You will get access to our FULL Basic Manners Online Course that you can use for training any dog!  This is a $79.00 value.

4) A plan!  Learning is only as good as its practice so depending on which direction we select after your consultation, you will be able to select follow up training in the form of:

  • Group classes if possible
  • Private lessons
  • OR Both options above. 

Fee for this 90 minute session including the Basic Manners Online course is $325.00


How do I get started?
Booking your consultation is the first step to a happier, more fulfilling life with your dog. 

We know that some people still like to use the phone and speak to a live person and set up that appointment. If this is you, please give us a call at 413-527-7364.  We would love the opportunity to talk with you.  We hope to hear from you soon so Beth can help you.

Why work with Beth?
If you've googled, asked friends and family or been given information that is not working so far, it's time to come to It's PAWSible!  For well over 25 years, Beth has worked with thousands of dogs of all shapes, sizes, abilities and behavioral issues. So she really has seen it all! Through behavior consultations, group classes and private lessons, (and a successful dog day care that she ran for 18 years!), she’s helped countless owners live a happier, calmer life with their dogs. Her encouraging, non-judgmental approach puts dogs and humans at ease, making it easier to talk, share experiences and learn how to help your dog.

Please note:  Due to the high demand of people seeking help, there are no refunds of this consultation fee, however, re-scheduling is possible without a fee if requested 48 hours BEFORE appointment.   Please understand we are trying to help the most amount of people with their dogs as we can and late postponements take away another person's opportunity.
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