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The It's PAWSible!
Pet Dog Obedience Training Course  on DVD
 Written, Produced and filmed here at It's PAWSible!
only $19.95 plus shipping

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  • The It’s PAWSible! Dog Training DVD
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A training program for your new puppy or your adult dog of any age!   Since every dog can learn this program, every dog owner will benefit! 

Sample VideosDVD Contents

 Here are some quick reasons why this DVD can help you and your dog:

  • You will enjoy five lessons to learn how to train your dog.  You can go at your own pace, but our DVD is set up to be a 5-week dog training class.  The total running time of our DVD is almost 3 hours.

  • Each week you will see topics of interest like “your relationship with your dog” and “being proactive rather than reactive in your training”.  You can access these topics at any time during your program.

  • Our DVD was professionally filmed in our training center—you’ll see excellent picture quality, hear great sound.  You will also enjoy the professional editing that was done on our DVD.

  • Our DVD has very simple navigation that keeps the information organized and easy to follow so you can get anywhere on the DVD—fast.

  • We featured 20 different dogs in the DVD—everything from a Yorkshire Terrier to a Great Dane!  Because we feature so many different dogs,  you will see lots of dogs in the learning process.  Keep in mind, the dogs won’t always do the exercises perfectly—we wanted you to have a product that was realistic so you could see what to expect with your new dog in training.

  • Some of the dogs featured are shelter dogs, so you will be able to see beginner dogs learning.  We borrowed shelter dogs from two local shelters to help us with this project.

  • The methods you will learn are gentle and positive.  You won’t have to worry about using leash corrections or harsh handling.

  • For each behavior taught, you will see the “finished product” demonstrated by one of my own dogs.  This will give you a clear picture of what the exercise will look like once you have taught it to your dog.

  • Our goal is to help you have a great relationship with your dog.   You will achieve this using a fun and functional dog training program that is based on mutual respect and trust!

  • Remember that this DVD works for dogs of ALL ages.

Best Product
by Orca
Communications Unlimited, LLC.

  • Save time and money by training your dog at home using the It’s PAWSible! Dog Training DVD.

  • Eliminate annoying behavior and enjoy your dog more.

  • Trust your dog to behave with other people and other dogs.

  • Avoid damage to your house from chewing, scratching or worse.

  • Train any dog, at any age, with any history.

    What is the Training Method?
    Why train your dog?
    About the trainer

Once we have received comfirmation of your DVD order, we will send you a link to have instant access to the week one videos to get you started immediately. You should receive your DVD within a few days of your order.  You also instantly get our Puppy and Dog Training Booklet in PDF format.