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What Our Clients Say About Day Camp


Why we like to bring Dante to It’s Pawsible Day Care

Scout~ We kind of forgot what it was like to have a puppy, never mind one that is huge. If we don’t drain Dante’s energy level every day he’s like a 75 pound speeding bullet in our house. Not only can that cause destruction (like knocking over freshly watered plants, banging in to walls causing pictures to come crashing down) but it also wreaks havoc on his 8 yr old Miniature Pinscher sister. Dante just wants to constantly play and Sophie wants no part of it for fear of being hurt I think, she’s only 13 pounds!

~ On the days that Dante goes to day camp everyone in the house is happy. Dante patiently sits by the door waiting to leave, and Sophie actually relaxes knowing she’s got the place to herself. When Dante comes home after a day camp day he’s so mellow, happy, and tired that most times he eats dinner and then just crashes on his bed.

~ Before I even brought Dante home I knew socialization would be a very important piece with puppy and obedience training for a Doberman Pinscher in helping to make him a good dog. I had driven by the training center before and decided to give them a try. What I didn’t expect was to find a place that had such caring and compassionate staff. The staff at the center cares for Dante with the same love that I would. Whenever I have had any kind of behavioral or health issue that pops up with Dante, Beth and her staff go out of their way to help me find a solution.