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Agility Classes

Agility Classes

Training your dog in agility – whether you decide to compete or not – has almost too many benefits to count. It strengthens your bond, builds confidence, improves off-leash focus and recall, and teaches self-control. Not to mention that you’ll both have a great time together!

At It’s PAWSible!®, we offer a wide range of classes from Beginner to Advanced. Our classes are fun, motivational and highly supportive. We use only positive reinforcement to ensure that both the dog and the human have a good experience.

During class, we work on lots of foundation and handling skills to help make you feel "smooth" when working with your dog. When it comes to running the course, your dog will learn and hone skills in this order: Attitude, accuracy, speed and a willingness to do agility no matter what the conditions.

Using safe and effective training methods, each obstacle is so thoroughly taught that the dog knows his "job" with each obstacle, making it an easier, less stressful and more satisfying experience.

Have questions? Check out our Agility FAQs or give us at call at 413-527-7364 for more information.

Beginner Agility

Duration: Once a week for six weeks
Prerequisite: Basic Manners at It's PAWSible!® DTC or prior approval by Beth.
Fee: $175.00

Are you ready to learn new skills and have fun with your dog while doing it? This class is great starting point for those who want to dip their toes in and see what all the fuss is about. We’ll focus mainly on foundational exercises and obstacle training. You’ll be so busy that time will fly. We guarantee it!  Class size is limited so sign up soon!  

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Post Beginner /Intermediate

Duration: An hour each week for six weeks
Prerequisite: Beginner Agility at It’s PAWSible!® or prior approval by Beth.
Fee: $169.00 (or $152.00 with It’s PAWSible!® membership available for $45.00/year)

This class is a stepping-stone from Beginner Agility to the more advanced work in Intermediate Agility. We’ll continue to work on obstacles and refine foundational and handling skills, while adding some new challenges to keep things interesting.

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Intermediate Agility

Duration: 75 minutes a week for six weeks
Prerequisite: Post-Beginner/Intermediate Agility at It’s PAWSible!® or prior approval by Beth
When: Tuesdays at 7:15pm (check schedule for next start date)
Fee: $185.00  ($166.50 with It's PAWSible!® membership) 

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Advanced Agility Sequences and Foundations

Advanced Agility Sequences and Foundations

Duration: 75 - 90 minutes once a week for six weeks
Prerequisite: Post-Beginner/Intermediate Agility or Advanced Agility at It’s PAWSible!® or other Agility Facilities with  prior approval by Beth
When: Fridays @ 12:00 noon  
Fee: $185.00  ($166.50 with It's PAWSible!® membership) (Other discounts available to students already enrolled in Agility at It's PAWSible!)

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Advanced Agility

Duration: 75 minutes per week for six weeks
Prerequisite: Intermediate Agility at It’s PAWSible!® or prior approval by Beth
When: Tuesdays at 6:00pm 
Fee: $185.00 ($166.50 with your It's PAWSible!® membership)  

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Advanced Agility Run-Thrus

Run-thrus are scheduled a few times a year. Check schedule for next run-thru.

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Agility FAQ

  • Why do I have to take Basic Manners at It's PAWSible! before enrolling in Beginner Agility?

    A solid foundation of obedience training is a must when it comes to agility. Dogs should know how to stay reliably, come when called and have a strong connection to their handler.  This is what keeps group classes safe and organized.   Even if a dog has these skills, we require completion of the Basic Manners class before entering an agility class so that we can get to know both you and your dog, and personally assess when your dog is ready for agility. And we guarantee that no matter where you are with your training, you and your dog will be challenged and learn something new in Basic Manners.

  • Do you ever make an exception?
    If your dog is already competing in agility or has his/her CD (Companion Dog) title in AKC, call us at 413-527-7364 to discuss your situation.
  • Who teaches the agility classes?

    All agility classes are personally led by Beth Ostrowski-Parks, the owner of It’s PAWSible®. Beth is truly addicted to agility! She has been teaching and competing in the sport for almost two decades. Her own dogs have earned numerous agility championships through the years. When she’s not competing, she loves bringing the sport to others. She has a knack for “reading” dogs and offering support, encouragement and constructive feedback to their handlers to help the improve their teamwork.

  • What are Beth’s credentials?

    In addition to her 17 years of experience training and competing in agility, Beth has provided behavioral help and training to thousands of pet dogs since 1995. She has earned two certifications for Pet Dog Training: One in the state of Connecticut in 1996 and one national certification through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers in 2011, making her a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA).  Agility is her hobby with her own dogs as well as part of her work at It's PAWSible!.

  • What makes the It’s PAWSible!® Dog Training Center different?

    Our facility was designed specifically with the health, happiness and safety of dogs (and people) in mind. Instead of concrete floors with rubber mats, our floor consists of tamped gravel covered by horse stall mats. During intense agility runs, this cushions the impact to a dog’s muscles and joints, helping prevent injuries. The building is well insulated for comfortable temperatures year-round, and has 34 4’x7’ windows and high casting ceiling fixtures that provide terrific lighting for both daytime and evening classes.  Our building is fully heated and air conditioned for your comfort.