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The SENSE-ation Harness


The SENSE-ation Harness

  • Seven sizes

  • Select sizes available in Black, Red, Purple, Pink

The SENSE-ation™ dog harnesses were designed for a new training method called Softouch training. It applies horse training concepts for a gradual and humane approach to developing a calm and responsive dog. The chest strap of the harnesses is moved in different directions to apply body cues with gentle pressure. The harnesses with the Softouch method prevent pressure over a dog’s throat and chest. This helps prevent injuries and the signals that cause dogs to pull. The essence to Softouch Training is detailed communications through "SENSE of touch." Dogs and their owners experience greater harmony.


  • Reduces common behavior problems, such as jumping, forging, pulling, and lunging on leash.

  • Easier to teach commands, such as sit, down, come, wait, and heel.

  • Increases a dog's attention on his owner.

  • Makes it easier to walk two dogs at once.

  • Effects of training extend to times when the dog is not wearing the harness.

  • Helps dogs with hearing or vision disabilities to learn faster.

  • Has a rotational effect.

  • Has a calming effect.


Measure your dog’s girth and weight to pick the size.  Also let me know what breed of dog this is for.  If I think you may have picked the wrong size, I’ll contact you to help.

Sizes & Pricing








13" - 17"

17" - 21"

21.5" - 24"

24.5 – 28”

27"- 33"

32.5" - 40"

39" - 50"

< 12lbs*

12 - 20 lbs*

21 - 33 lbs*

34 - 60 lbs*

40 - 75 lbs*

70 -130 lbs*

131 - 200 lbs*
















Includes product training booklet and “how to fit” instructions.

SKU: 0003