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Summertime Safety

Summertime Safety

by Beth Ostrowski-Parks, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA

  Summertime Safety! 

Summertime temperatures can bring fun and relaxating, but there can be danger lurking for your dog if you are not careful. Here are some safety reminders for you to help keep your pets safe.

Remember that cars heat up very, very fast in the sun. The darker the car, the quicker it heats up. When dogs breathe, they often pant and that heats up a room or a car even more. Dogs can very quickly overheat in a closed up car so PLEASE don't leave your dogs in the car in the summer unless you have the air conditioning on. If you have to run in a store quick, be sure that you leave the windows down (not just a crack) but down at least a quarter to half way. Also, leave more than one window down for cross ventilation.

Another thing that really heats up in the summer is sidewalks and streets. Be careful taking your dogs for long walks in the summer especially in the afternoon if you walk on the street or the sidewalk. Those pads aren't shoes! Their feet get hot and they could injure their pads.

Next: More water, please! Dogs obviously need to drink more water in the summer than in the winter. Keep their water bowls filled with fresh water (change it every day) and don't forget to wash that water dish daily, too! If you're taking a long walk, bring some cold water with you. Try to walk your dogs in the early mornings or late in the day to avoid the hottest temperatures.

Ticks! What are your preparations to keep your dogs safe from ticks. Some people believe in vaccinations, others don't. Some use topicals like Advantix, some dogs have trouble with that. What do you do? Do some research. What is the best plan of action for your dog(s)? Now is the time to take the appropriate action.