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Behavioral Consultations

Behavior Consultations

Chewing, aggression, and fearfulness are just some of the problems that I have a lot of experience working with. I enjoy working with these issues and seeing the positive effects this work can have on the dog/owner relationship. This initial session is 90 minutes long and from this point we decide where the dog would do best whether it be private lessons or a group class.

I enjoy working one on one with people and their dogs to enhance their relationship with each other.  People can need help with puppies or adult dogs, but often, the people who come to me have rescued a dog from a shelter or a pound. At first, things can go quite smooth for the new dog and the owner, but after a honeymoon period of 3 weeks to 2 months, certain behaviors may start to surface that's when I will get a phone call. Another time when the behavior consultation is popular is when someone gets a new puppy and they have never had a puppy before and want to start off right. Or the puppy may be showing signs of aggression or poor behavior. Often times people do a behavioral before they take the puppy class.

Can behavioral consulting or private lessons improve your relationship with your dog?
Meet Wally, Bonnie, Juna, Sparky, and Anakin.

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Resident Obedience Training

This training is for the dog owner with limited time, or a specific dog behavior problem that has not been successfully extinguished with prior training. Your dog will become a resident of the training center and my home and will learn the basics in group classes and with private one-on-one lessons. After the two or three week period, the owner has three private lessons where he/she will learn how the dog was taught. This type of training is effective only if the owner is willing to learn after the resident obedience training has ended. Find out more information on our Resident Obedience Training Program

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