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What Our Clients Say

Anakin with instructors

Meet Anakin

Anakin is my companion though thick and thin. But, when we were unexpectedly attacked, multiple times from behind, by an aggressive loose dog in our neighborhood I was at my wits end. I have trained all my companion dogs using traditional methods and the usual metal choke chain. But traditional methods were not working to pull him out of what I feared was a growing aggression to other dogs! I polled friends, who trained locally, but everywhere I turned I was finding traditional training methods being used and I knew that just would not work for Anakin. So after an on-line friend told me about "It's PAWSible Dog Training Center" in Westhampton I went on-line to find them.

When I called, I spoke with Beth's husband. He listened patiently while I explained my dilemma and growing fears about my dog. I asked him if it would be possible to have Anakin evaluated so that ultimately I could get him into a beginner's training class. He told me that yes, they would evaluate Anakin for me and that Beth would call me back soon with a time for the evaluation. Beth contacted me very quickly and set the evaluation for a Thursday so that if all went well Anakin would start the next beginner's class on Saturday. I was not sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised!

Beth was very attentive to my concerns and very gentle with Anakin. She spent about an hour with Anakin and I. Never once seeming rushed or preoccupied while she talked with me and evaluated Anakin. Beth fitted Anakin with a "Gentle Leader" during the evaluation. I had heard of them, but never used one. Anakin and I were set to start the next class in two days. Beth gave me some tips to help prepare Anakin for class. We started class Saturday. Ann and Georgiann were our instructors and I could tell that they were prepared for Anakin and I. The training is very positive. Ann, Georgiann and Beth are so perceptive. I never once felt overwhelmed during our classes! Anakin responded better than I could have imagined to the positive methods used at "It's PAWSible Dog Training Center."

I have my 'gentle giant' back with renewed confidence! He even amazed me during our last class. Beth holds an agility demonstration and all the dogs and owners get the chance to try some of the equipment and training. Anakin loved it! He even folded himself down to crawl through the agility tunnel. I would have expected to take weeks of training for him to do that willingly! The facility is wonderful. The rubber floors don't echo sound. You can hear the instructors clearly as they use a sound system. The facility is heated and very clean. I am a very happy customer. Anakin and I are signed up for another class. I gladly travel the hour to Westhampton from my Monson home.

Amy M.
Monson, MA