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What Our Clients Say


Meet Juna

Juna was a rescue dog who had been found with a litter of puppies on a street somewhere in New Jersey. We think she is about 2 years old. We adopted her several weeks before moving to Massachusetts. Because we never had a dog before and we were really not aware of how much she needed. We had been told that Juna had been abused, and so I had my own feelings about her, which included an unwillingness to discipline, a reluctance to be "alpha", a fear of frightening her.

When we first brought Juna to It's PAWSible! Dog Training Center, we'd had her for three months and she was almost out of control. She needed constant rawhides or chew toys, or she would destroy things. She barked at everyone and everything, except us. She was aggressive, even hostile; I was afraid that she was going to bite Beth. I suspected from the few months that she'd lived with us that she was really more fearful than anything else, but she seemed really fierce. I desperately wanted to find the proud little creature inside this half-wild dog, and I was certain that I had more to learn than she did.

Beth Ostrowski-Parks taught me how to behave with my dog. She helped me see that my feelings about Juna's difficult past were keeping us both from moving forward. She taught me to become comfortable with being in charge of Juna rather than her being in charge of herself and us, by giving me the tools to be the leader of the pack. Beth taught us how, with ways that were direct yet required no physical force.

Working with Juna day after day, seeing the sparkle in her eyes, the pride with which she began to carry herself, propelled me forward in continuing training. I could really began to understand where Beth's ideas of building her confidence were really helping her. I would come home from our walks and talk about what she'd accomplished that day, and Juna would watch me closely, listening, hearing herself being praised. She seemed to walk taller with each passing week.

When we would go to a private lesson, she was a model student. She loved the training, loved the attention and I think she loved showing me how much she could really learn. There certainly were days when I was pushing myself out the door to walk her. But we both stuck it out, and I get choked up just looking at her sometimes, marveling at how far she's come.

Juna recently traveled with us to New York City to visit a family member in the hospital. She was in our car for eleven hours (with breaks and water and air) but she didn't chew anything. She stayed with friends while we were at the hospital, she allowed them to walk her, to bring her to visit some children, she even met another dog, all without us being there!

Everyone who has known Juna for the eight months she's lived with us is amazed at her transformation. I forget how bad it really was, and people remind me; it really warms my heart to realize how far she's come, how proud I am of her.

I am so grateful to Juna, for showing me her fine spirit and her sweetness. I'm also grateful to Beth Ostrowski-Parks who helped me craft a relationship with a dog that has changed my life. I'm grateful that I could learn what Beth offered, and use the skills she showed me, so that I could truly see . . . no matter what the situation, no matter what dog . . . if you want them to the be best dog they can be . . .It's PAWSible!

Julie S.,
Easthampton, MA