Our Board and Train Program

Puppy Board and Train Program
A unique training experience for your puppy--and for you!

Our Puppy Board and Train Program has a lot to offer you, your puppy and your family.

At It's PAWSible! your puppy or young dog becomes a resident of our home and our in-home boarding area.  There your puppy will learn crate training and house-training as well.

This is a great way for a busy person to get their new puppy or young dog trained in the initial phases of housetraining, socialization, and learning the basic obedience commands. 

When you bring your puppy to us, we will give you a copy of our dog training DVD which shows you very clearly, the commands we will be teaching.  Then, at the end of the program, we will be sure you know what YOU are supposed to do.  That is key in the success of this program.

You can also utilize this awesome program if you have been having trouble with your new pup.  You may be lacking structure in the household and you may need us to put structure back in to your puppy's life.  Dogs need structure--they need routine. Dogs and puppies both need to be treated consistently and fairly and if they are not, behavior problems can began to show up.

This program has consistently gotten busier and busier as people have also been busier in life.

So, let us do the hard part for you!

On this page you will see where your puppy will live. We have a big house, a nice fenced in back yard and we also utilize our dog day care area five days a week.

On the days where your dog does not attend dog day camp,
he or she will be taken on long walks
in the woods with my other dogs or boarders.

Or, we might venture downtown for some social time with people. Also, your dog will be worked in our classes by myself or by one of our staff. Of course, there will be one-on-one training offered each day as well.

This program is available on a very limited basis and to find out if it is something for you and your dog, give us a call and we'll talk more about it. We will then quote you a price on our Board and Train Program.

Call us today at 413-527-7364.




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