Behavioral Consultations


Behavior Consultations at It's PAWSible!

You might ask:  “what is a behavioral consultation and what's in it for you and your dog?”

First, lets talk about why you are visiting this page.

A behavioral consultation covers a wide variety of topics that you (or your dog) may need help with.
Here are just a few examples:
*over reaction to other dogs while you are on leash walks with your dog  
*chewing up your furniture and destroying your home
*fear aggression
*extreme shyness
*separation anxiety
*territorial aggression
*dog to dog aggression
*aggression toward people (your loved ones or your visitors)

I can help you with all of that!

You may have landed on this page because you are considering doing a Basic Manners group class and you read our FAQ about what we require from a dog and handler in a group class.   If that is the case, this behavioral appointment will not only help me decide if your dog is ready for class, but it will also give you some help with the problems you may be having!  You might consider this appointment a non-judgmental diagnosis and plan of action.  From here most people go on to a group class if they want to continue training. 

If you landed here because you already know you have a problem with your and dog and you need and want help, you have come to the right place.

What I have to offer you is:
*over 20 years experience working with dogs in behavior consultations, group classes, private lessons, our dog day care (17 years) and experience grooming a wide variety of dogs.
*an open space where you and your dog can feel comfortable during the time you are both here for your appointment
*a very non-judgmental approach that I have of listening and observing your dog, and of course, answers and solutions.

It’s important to note:  I do not need to see your dog’s behavior problem that you are inquiring about.  I only need you to be able describe situations that have occurred.   

I know that many people feel embarrassed by their dog’s behavior.   I also know that people have had some bad experiences with other trainers in the past.  That is a shame, but please don’t let either of these things stop you from seeking help.   I am not here to judge you or your dog.  I’m only here to help.  Try to keep in mind:   You don’t have a bad dog; your dog may have some bad behaviors.  

I’m not like anyone you’ve worked with before, I can guarantee you that.  I’ve never had a person walk away feeling like this was a waste of time or money.  I have so much to share:  help for you and your dog and solid plan on going forward.

Before things get worse, take this step.

Give us a call to discuss this option further or to schedule your appointment.. 

Most of the time, the behavioral consultation is a one time event.  My goal, if possible, is to steer you into a group class or perhaps you may get all you need in that one appointment!

Can behavioral consulting or private lessons improve your relationship with your dog?
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