In-Home Dog Training

   Our In-Home Training Service

Would you prefer that we bring the training to you?

Our In Home Dog Training program is for you, your family, and  your dog if:
•    your schedule does not allow for a regular weekly class
•    you want more concentrated help with training or poor behaviors
•    you feel your dog’s problems would be best helped if I can see the layout of your home
•    you want a new plan because the old plan isn’t working!

As a very experienced
Professional Dog Trainer, I can help you with:
•    Chewing/destruction
•    Crate training
•    Pulling on the leash
•    Jumping on Guests
•    Running away and not coming when called
•    Puppy biting or nipping

After an initial consultation at your home, we will set up a package for you to produce realistic results and that will work for you. You may also decide to join one of our group classes!

Price for our Initial Consultation which is two hours:
(add 1.00 mile for homes outside an
8 mile radius from It's PAWSible!)
If you are interested in our professional In-Home Training Service,  please give us a call today so we can discuss your needs.