60 Main Road Westhampton, MA 01027     Call us at 413-527-7364

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Day Camp

Day Camp

Safe play and socialization for your dog. Peace of mind for you!

Wouldn't you love a nice tired dog at the end of the day?  One that is ready to curl up on the couch with you when it's time for YOU to relax after a long day?  That's what you will get if you send your dog to us.  At It's PAWSible! our dogs get to run and play outdoors where dogs love to be. 

It's PAWSible! has been in operation since 1997. Our Day Camp has been going strong since the year 2000!. Unlike other facilities, It's PAWSible!'s DOES have outside play. We have 3 beautiful play areas. We also have 24 acres of land for hikes with our boarders.

Our campers can do their business outside which is where you want them to go to the bathroom when they are home with you.! We make every attempt to ensure that your dog is getting the all the right messages when they are visiting our camp.

When your dog becomes a camper at It's PAWSible! you have the ability to use our exclusive boarding service and on a limited basis, our grooming service. You can access some private training for your dog while he's at camp as well.

We also offer a Saturday AND Sunday morning playtime  that is available ONLY to our day camp dogs. Bringing your dog to It's PAWSible! is like joining a club! There are lots of benefits.  Do you have questions? We have a convenient FAQ drop down menu here but you can call us anytime. We will return your call!  We also have a very active Facebook Page with lots of current pics of our day camp dogs!

Our Staff loves our  dogs. Your puppy or dog will be very comfortable here and, most important,  you'll be very comfortable leaving them with us.  We also have some limited boarding available at It’s PAWSible! You can now go on your vacation guilt free!

Day Camp FAQ

See the list below of frequently asked questions

  • Why bring a dog to Day Camp?

    The people who utilize this service love their dogs! The average dog owner is a busy, hard-working person who doesn't want their dog to be home alone all day. However, we have several clients who work at home but know that even one day of day camp helps make their dog a "better pet". 

    One of the philosophies we love to share with our human clients is “a tired dog is a good dog!” Many people don't realize how much exercise and stimulation a dog really needs--or how many behavior problems are the result of not getting enough. All dogs, but especially sporting breeds like Golden Retrievers, Labradors and Springer Spaniels, need much more stimulation than they routinely get.
    Dogs also need socialization throughout their lives to remain well-adjusted to human and canine company. Regular, supervised interaction with other dogs is critical for puppies and helps older dogs to continue feeling confident.
    It’s PAWSible! Day Camp can help to meet both these needs, providing dogs with the stimulation they require for wellness, and providing their humans with a happy, tired dog ready for a quiet evening!
  • How does your day camp differ from other day camps in Western Mass?
    Lots of ways!  Here are a few:

    1)  Our dogs play outside, not inside.  Dogs should have fresh air and have the ability to eliminate outside just like at your home!  Do you want your dog going to the bathroom inside your home?  I doubt it...

    2)  Our dogs are ALWAYS supervised.  They are NEVER left to make the wrong decisions.

    3)  Our dogs are all safe.  We do not take any aggressive dogs in our camp.  We expect our dogs to be able to play with ANY other dog in camp so we are very selective.

    4)  Our camp is clean.  Super clean.  We spend hours a week cleaning and making our areas free of smells and bacteria.  You need to see it to believe it.  But for now, our pictures on our site and on facebook should tell you a lot.

    5)  Roomy...We have 3 play areas.  Two of our areas are covered with a turf material that is clean, quiet and nice to play on.  Our third area is a 50 x 125 foot field with a tree for shade!  And don't forget, all supervised!
  • How do we get our dog started!
    Give us a call!  We'll have some questions first for you over the phone.  Then, going forward, we’ll arrange a brief intake appointment for you to see our beautiful facility and for us to meet your dog.
    This meeting is an important part of our commitment to create a safe, fun atmosphere for our campers and to get to know a little bit more about you and your dog! There is a $35 charge for this 30 minute appointment.
    In addition to meeting you, we’ll need proof that your pup is up-to-date on their rabies shot and free from parasites.  You will need to provide a copy of this report before you start camp.   
    You can reach us at 413 527 7364. We look forward to meeting you and our new camper!
  • What hours are you open?
    Day Camp is open Monday through Friday
    Drop-off 6:30AM - 9:00 AM
    Pick-up 4:15 - 5:45 PM

    Saturday AND Sunday playtime (available to regular daycampers only) hours are:

    Dro-off 8:00 - 8:30 a.m.
    Pick-up 11:45 to 12:15 p.m.
    We schedule our day camp in four-week packages. We ask new campers to come for at least 3 days during their first week. This helps dogs settle into a routine! After that initial three-day week, you can schedule your dog for 1-5 days at camp each week.
    Note:  If you are enrolled in a group class and you received a coupon for a free day, you ARE NOT  required to do 3 days,   This one day free pass is your opportunity to try out camp.  
  • How much does Day Camp cost?
    Day Camp rates depend on how many days a week your dog attends camp. They are as follows:
    Full Day Rates
    1 day each week → $44.00/day
    2 or 3 days a week  → $41.00/day
    4  or 5 days a week →  $39.00/day
    Half Day Rates
    Whether you come for mornings or afternoons, half days are $28.00 a day.
    Half day drop off and pick up time is between 11:30 a.m. and 1:00p.m. each day.
    Call us today to arrange an  intake appointment! (413) 527-7364
  • Are there any dogs that don't do well at Day Camp?
    Day Camp improves most dogs’ social skills! More timid and quiet dogs often come out of their shell and develop a confidence in themselves their owners wouldn’t have thought possible--our day camp staff love to be part of these transformations.
    Occasionally, however, a dog truly does not enjoy the company of other dogs and is not suited to day camp, so for the safety of all our canine and human friends we make sure each new dog would be the right match for camp. Beth, the owner of It's PAWSible!, is still the only person who approves dogs for camp.
  • We had our intake meeting and its our first day of camp! What should I expect my first drop-off to look like?
    Before arriving: bring anything your pup likes to have in their crate (a blanket, crate-safe toy, etc.), their midday meal if they usually eat one, and treats if they have allergies and can’t eat milk bones. Its great if you can pack it all into a bag for our staff.
    When you get here: head into the training center with your dog on-leash. If your dog wears a harness or gentle-leader be sure to bring them in on it. Our staff will be excited to greet you at the front of the building and lead your pup out to camp.   If you need to pay, have any questions or paperwork for us, anyone behind the desk will be happy to help you. 
  • Who are the Day Camp staff?

    We have a fantastic staff!

    You can read about them here!