What Our Clients Say About It's PAWSible!

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We asked our clients to tell us about their training successes at It's PAWSible! Dog Training Center and Day Camp. Maybe some of these dogs will remind you of yours. Here's what they had to say in their own words:

Day Camp:

, Lab Mix
Opie, Springer Spaniel
Brodie, Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Mister Chu


Puppy Kindergarten/CGC:

Cody and Tyson, Rottweiler and Boxer
Tanner, Labrador Retriever

Behavioral/ Obedience:

Gabe, Labrador Retriever
Bonnie, Pitbull
Sparky, Dalmatian
Juna, Mix-breed rescue
Nancy's 2 Goldens


Here's another happy testimonial from Dexter & his family:



December 2013

Dear It's Pawsible Humans,

Dexter Gaspari here... AKA "He's a LOT of dog", "Freight train", and Mum's favorite "Dex-o-matic". I just want to tell you how much your training classes and day care have helped me and my family.

When I first came to live with Mum and Dad a year ago I was a teeny pup. I didn't know how to live with a family, I had rough and tumble puppy manners, and Mum and Dad didn't know anything about raising a Smart Handsorne ENERGETIC (and modest!) pup like me.  Fortunately, they signed us up for your Puppy Class and we were on our way! Then came Obedience classes, Rapid Recall, Puppy Good Citizen... we had fun and I learned so many things: I heel and walk nicely on leash; I am seriously motivated by filling my belly, and I LEFT FOOD BEHIND when Mum called me in Recall Class; I sit/stay and down/stay, even when there are distractions; and I will stay for up to 15 minutes. You taught Mum and Dad how to teach me to be a good pup. I still have some learning to do but with your help, we're working on it!

Then there's your clean, spacious Doggy Daycare! I just LOVE going to play with my doggy friends twice a week, and Mum appreciates being able to do her work without her canine "helper". I adore Ashley and Sheila and the other puppy wranglers — they truly love and understand us dog-types. They help us practice our manners (i.e. walking on leash nicely), and they think of FUN STUFF for us to do. When I go home I'm one tired and hungry pup. It's true what they say: A tired pup is a happy pup!

Mum, Dad and I THANK YOU for helping us become a happy with-dog family. We would NEVER have gotten here without you!
You get our exclusive 5 PAW rating.

Love and sloppy kisses,

P.S. What Dexter said! We couldn't have done it without you!
Terry and Steve Gaspari (Dexter's Mum and Dad)