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It's PAWSible! Dog Training Guidelines eBook

Our It’s PAWSible! eBook  will help you whether you have a new puppy, an adult dog or a new shelter dog that you just rescued. Our ebook is written as a guideline with just enough information to help you get started today!

The eBook is FREE with the purchase of our It’s PAWSible! Dog Training DVD.

Our Ebook is guaranteed to help:

Owners of New Puppies!
  • Housebreaking
  • Nipping and Biting problems
  • Excessive jumping on house guests
  • Prevention of destructive behaviors like chewing and scratching
  • Crate Training!
Owners of Adult Dogs!
Make improvements in:
  • Socialization
  • Re-Gaining control!
  • Ending the nipping and biting behaviors 
Owners of Shelter Dogs!
Learn how to:
  • Set up for successful re-homing of the new dog
  • Housebreak and Crate train if necessary
  • Prevent aggression and other social problems

Click here for table of contents.

 This book (also available in hard copy for $6.99) works great alone but it is an extra value with our Dog Training DVD.


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It's PAWSible! Dog Training Guidelines eBook

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