Why board your dog at It's PAWSible!?

  • exclusive quiet setting on 13 acres of "park" like land
  • setting is designed for less than 10 dogs
  • dogs that stay here know us and that is a huge stress reducer
  • there is literally 24 hour care and supervision by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer
  • your dog goes home relaxed, happy and undisturbed by your absense.
  • your dog gets lots of space, playtime and comfort
  • boarding happens in our home, not the training center.

 The best boarding in Westhampton MA!

Read on to get more information.  Call to find out how you can make arrangements for your dog to stay here.

It’s PAWSible! started our in-home boarding in December of 2008.  We realized that people were having a difficult time going away on vacation or for business and leaving their dogs.  I know because I’m the same way!

We knew that many dogs were very comfortable here from spending so many days with us in our day camp.  We decided that it made sense to somehow find a way to board our day camp (and class attendee) dogs with us.

We have a beautiful and secure out side turn out area right off the indoor boarding area that is filled with playground mulch and have added a nice secure and easy to clean walk way.  This area is within our own fenced in area so the fencing is 5 foot high chain link.   We lock this fence up at the end of each day for added security.   We also have a big beautiful fenced in field that we use to run our boarders during the weekend with supervision.   We also have our own trails within our 13 acres of land to walk our boarders on the weekend as well.  We are sure there is no place like this!

Our boarding area is exclusive as it is available to our clients only.  However if you are not a client, it’s easy to become one. 

If you would like to use our boarding area for your trips, we will have some questions for you.   If we feel like your dog is a candidate for our boarding resort, we will ask you to have your dog be a part of our day camp for a few days.  The length of time required for our “get-to-know-you” period will depend on each situation.

Please give us a call for pricing and details.

Call us to find out about rates and availability (413) 527-7364.