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We offer boarding exclusively to our clients. About our unique service:

Your dog boards in our home

We converted our two-car garage into a spacious, clean and comfortable boarding area. A human--and likely a certified dog trainer!--is always nearby.

Our home is...homey!

Our boarding area is fully heated and air conditioned. Dogs listen to calming music and sleep in oversized kennels.

Day camp is included

Dogs are not crated for hours on end like at other facilities--they enjoy a full day of playing and socializing with other dogs.

Beautiful after-hours turn-out area

Dogs do their business OUTSIDE in our fenced turn out area, complete with paw-friendly mulch and a canopy for protection from the elements.

Its physically and mentally healthier

Because we limit our boarding service to clients of It’s PAWSible, we know dogs feel safe here. Familiar surroundings and staff comfort your dog in your absence, while camp keeps them mentally and physically engaged! They are much less likely to become distressed or anxious.

Your dog will probably know the other boarders

Not only is a human always nearby, your dog's fellow boarders are likely to be their playmates from camp.

Saturday playtime rocks!!

If your dog stays over the weekend with us, they will get to run, fetch and play in our fully-fenced field with other boarders and drop-in playtimers, supervised by our staff. Dogs love Saturday playtime!


Call us to find out about rates and availability (413) 527-7364.


We limit boarding to clients, however, it is possible to become one as long as your dog is friendly and enjoys the company of dogs.


Give us a call--we will have some other questions for you as well.   If we feel like your dog is a candidate for our boarding resort, we’ll have you schedule your dog for a few days of camp so they can familiarize themselves with our facility and routines. The length of time required for this  “get-to-know-you” period will depend on the situation.