Jul 31 2014

Groomer's Tip - Understanding Undercoats

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Some breeds of dog such as shepherds, huskies, chows, pomeranians, and many more, have an undercoat, which is a secondary layer of fur under their primary coat. The undercoat is generally a lighter color than the primary coat, and is a softer and fuzzier fur.  It works as your dogs own...

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Jul 10 2014

Client Spotlight

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We talked with Peg, whose dogs Finny the golden and Sammy the terrier mix are day campers with us!

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Mar 3 2013

Improving your Dog's Recall

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We would like to remind everyone that you should never stop training the recall. This exercise is the most important exercise your dog can learn. Your dog can be trained and should come 99% of the time when you call him. Do you have that kind of recall percentage? If not, you can.

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