It's PAWSible! Dog Training Center and Day Camp, Inc.
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It's PAWSible! offers the most wide array of dog care services in Western, Massachusetts.
We were first established in 1995.    We have been serving families in this area and the world (with our Dog Training DVD) since 1996.  Because of that, we know dogs and the joy and challenges they can bring to your home.

We are glad you found us because we can offer you real and humane help.   Our Certified Professional Dog Trainers are here to help you learn how to have the dog of your dreams and have fun achieving that goal!

Enjoy our 30 second commercial below!

Here is just some of what we can help with:

  • Chewing/destruction of your property
  • Housesoiling/housetraining
  • Stealing
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Jumping on guests
  • Nipping and biting
  • General lack of manners
  • Aggressive or fearful behavior

We have several different options for training. We are sure at least one of those options will work for you.

We also offer a safe, well run Dog Day Camp (the first in the area, established in the year 2000), Our Board and Train Program (Resident Obedience), Private Behavioral Consultations, Exclusive Boarding with 24 Hour Supervision in our home, and our In Home Dog Training Services guided by our own Certified Professional Dog Trainers.   Our building and Day Camp area is over 6500 square feet and we have 25 acres of land reserved for dog training and fun.

In 2012 we started offering Grooming.  We offer the area's most sought after Grooming Services.  We have mobile grooming and grooming here in Westhampton.  We offer all of our grooming by appointment only so dogs don't have to spend the day at the groomers!  Our treatment is kind and humane from start to finish!   You'll love the results and your dog will be happy!

We hope you take some time on our website as there is a lot of information here.   But feel free to give us a call. You will almost always reach someone! If not, we will return your call within hours, not days.

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